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Robin Crowd

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Yesterday afternoon a little crowd of robins made one of their regular foraging visits to our front yard and bird baths; they usually come through to feed and squabble in the baths in the afternoon. I have been building the “forest floor” of our yard for years and now it is thick, soft and healthy with lots of little bugs that break down the debris. The robins send hours bouncing forward, tossing the duff and gobbling down the insects they find. Then they take turns bathing in the bird baths. Some of them can be such little hogs about staying in a bath and chasing away any challengers. There were two that would stand face to face with their beaks open in threat toward each other, but neither would budge. Flickers and chickadees always come along with the robin crowd so it is interesting to watch what they do on the edges of the robin activity.

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