Seattle Life in the Yard

Sustain biodiversity: garden with native plants.


MbPf Park; social path on peninsula.

MbPf Park; social path on peninsula.

Meadowbrook is a creek, a pond, a natural area, sports playfields, an orchard area, an ever expanding vegetable garden, a community center, a pool and a neighborhood, as well as many other things. For my Meadowbrook, it is a few acres of Natural Area and a Pond. I do volunteer restoration on these properties, with permission from the the property owners, for the purpose of improving the ecosystems there so they may support as much wildlife as these little urban oases possibly can. I have had such a tremendous success in my own little city yard that I am compelled to extend my efforts to these areas that need on-going defense from the invasive plants propagating in and spreading from surrounding properties.

Until the general public becomes aware of the terrible toll that all non-native plants, both invasive and not considered invasive, has on wildlife due to habitat loss, I, sadly, have a permanent unpaid job. The wonderful perks of this job is to see and hear the existing wildlife all the while I toil and to feel the special privilege of being witness to little bits of their lives.

I will try to keep this page up-to-date with the volunteer work events so that friends and neighbors can use the information as reference.